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Asaaskii Ciidamadii Xooga dalka Soomaaliyeed oo laga xusay guud ahaan Puntland oo dhan & Taariikh kooban oo ku aadan Ciidamadii Xooga Soomaaliya.

Dhuula tus Milateri oo lugu xusayay maalintii la asaasay ciidamadii Xooga dalka Soomaaliyeed oo ku aadaneyd 12-April-1960-kii, ayaa maanta lugu qabtay deegaanada Puntland, gaar ahaana magaalo Madaxda dawladda ee Garowe ayadoo ay dhuulatusyo milateri soo bandhigeen ciidamada xooga ee dawladda Puntland.

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Meles Zenawi oo taageeray Madaxweyne Shariif.

Ra'iisul wasaaraha Ethiopia Miles Zenawi oo wareysi siiyay Tv-ga BBC ayaa sheegay in dhibaatooyinka ka socda Somalia aysan ahayn kuwo ay argagaxisad lug ku leedahay, balse ay tahay caqabad la isku hortaagayo howlaha dowlada cusub.

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Mareykanka oo xoog kusoo furtay Capt. Richard Phillips oo burcad badeedka heysteen.

Ciidamada badda ee dalka Mareykanka kuna sugan xeebaha dheer ee dalka Somalia ayaa xoog kusoo furteen Capt. Richard Phillips oo dalkaasi u dhashay kaasoo muddo gacanta ugu jiray kooxo burcad badeed Soomaali ah.

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